Breaking up content for reuse

In my previous post we used the example of a film to show you how to create a simple content type. In this post I'll outline how we can create relationships between two content types to build a simple content model, and make your content easy to reuse.

Article originally written for Zengenti

Creating a simple content model in Contensis 9

In preparation of Contensis 9 coming we thought we'd give you a run down on how you can easily model new types of content in Contensis. This simple overview will highlight some of the key features that will help you create future ready content using the new content type builder.

Article originally written for Zengenti

Documenting your product aids the iterative process

Do you take the time to document your product? Are you missing out on valuable improvements by spending time with your product in the way you expect your users use it?

Small UX changes big impact

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