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I’ve always regarded myself as a perfectionist, and as I’ve recently started exploring this trait in my CBT sessions I can see that it isn’t necessarily helpful. Having read this article I would say I hold aspects of both the adaptive and maladaptive perfectionist types and was a helpful read in why I can get myself into an anxious state, and where setting unatainable goals can dramatically affect my mental health.

Checked in to: Coventry Station • 52.401°, -1.514°

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Heading back to Wales

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Post release team lunch. Dirty boy burger with bacon fries and pork belly bites. Washed down with Tiny Rebel Cwtch

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Banff Mountain Film Festival World Tour

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Serverless days cardiff conference.

Checked in to: Steak of the art • 51.481°, -3.171°

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Let’s eat meat! 🥩

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An interesting approach to fluid typography. Need to spend some time exploring this.

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