So Joy and I managed to get a date night. It’s felt like months since we’ve had child free time. I booked a table at The New Court Inn in Usk. Not via personal recommendation but from trip advisor reviews.

It was so nice to go somewhere different, it was only a 20 minutes drive from home and felt like we were miles away.

The restaurant was quiet, but didn’t feel like we were the only ones there so close to Christmas. The staff were really friendly and attentive but didn’t get in the way.

Joy choose slow braised Welsh lamb shank with rosemary infused pommes puree and poached baby leeks. I went for the Usk Valley 8oz rib eye Steak, served with confit tomatoes flat cap mushroom and triple cooked chips with a peppercorn sauce. 

I don’t usually eat steak out as it’s always a disappointment but it was cooked to perfection. Joys lamb shank was on the larger side, it just slipped off the bone and was accompanied well with the rosemary purée.

I had a pint of festive Santa’s Sack I can’t remember the brewery now but it was simple ale at 3.7abv. As I was driving was sufficient to go with my meal.

It wasn’t a late night as mum was babysitting, but was so good to spend some time together. Hopefully we’ll head back before long.

If I’ve got this working correctly. This note has been posted to my site using an iOS shortcut I’ve built, syndicated to twitter using a lambda function post @netlify build. Thanks to the work done by @mxbck loving the #indieweb

Checked in to: Newport Train Station • 51.59°, -2.998°

Map of checkin

Off to Ludlow

Checked in to: Highfields Church, Cardiff • 51.497°, -3.179°

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Jazz Carols

Bought a Logitech K380 yesterday and using it with my iPad to write my blog. Really like it. Could do with being raised a little but a great wireless keyboard for £17.99

Sat down with a Hobgoblin IPA and writing a post about this very note iOS shortcut I’m using.

As it’s now December it’s acceptable to play Christmas music. Looking forward to Christmas with the girls this year. 🎄

Checked in to: Pwll-y-wrach nature reserve • 51.987°, -3.222°

Map of checkin

A little wander to some waterfalls with the girls and Esra.

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Last week I was moaning about the fact that 63% of developers surveyed don’t test accessibility. And I was banging on about editing a ‘learn HTML’ book which was riddled with basic accessibility errors, when Frederik replied in order to shut my whining and make me do something about it:

Checked in to: Great little Airbnb • 51.963°, -3.221°

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A last minute getaway with the girls.