Weeknotes #10

Setting up a temporary laptop, talking design tokens, documenting our design system and ended the week wild camping.
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Checked in to: Malpas Fire Station • 51.602°, -3.005°

Map of checkin

A visit to Simon the fireman with the girls.

Weeknotes #9

Another week of getting back into a normal routine. Releasing Contensis 12, defining new application behaviour and documenting a design system.
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Checked in to: Apple Store Cardiff • 51.479°, -3.175°

Map of checkin

Hopefully get the battery and charging issue sorted with my MacBook

Back to a normal routine tomorrow. Looking forward to catching up with the product team and everyone else at @zengenti. It’s been good to have a break but I’m ready to get stuck in to 2020.

Checked in to: Bluestone Wales • 51.784°, -4.804°

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A few days away with the family.

Checked in to: Liberty Church - Llanwern High School • 51.586°, -2.932°

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First time gathering to worship in 2020

Checked in to: Home • 51.586°, -3.02°

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Family around

Checked in to: Drago Lounge • 51.586°, -2.992°

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Time with my girl over brunch without the girls.

2019 in review

A year of highs and lows, interesting work and a work life balance with two children.

Checked in to: Stepping stones • 51.54°, -3.183°

Map of checkin

Little wander with Esra