Weeknotes #9

Another week of getting back into a normal routine. Releasing Contensis 12, defining new application behaviour and documenting a design system.
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Checked in to: Apple Store Cardiff • 51.479°, -3.175°

Map of checkin

Hopefully get the battery and charging issue sorted with my MacBook

Back to a normal routine tomorrow. Looking forward to catching up with the product team and everyone else at @zengenti. It’s been good to have a break but I’m ready to get stuck in to 2020.

Checked in to: Bluestone Wales • 51.784°, -4.804°

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A few days away with the family.

Checked in to: Liberty Church - Llanwern High School • 51.586°, -2.932°

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First time gathering to worship in 2020

Checked in to: Home • 51.586°, -3.02°

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Family around

Checked in to: Drago Lounge • 51.586°, -2.992°

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Time with my girl over brunch without the girls.

2019 in review

A year of highs and lows, interesting work and a work life balance with two children.

Checked in to: Stepping stones • 51.54°, -3.183°

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Little wander with Esra

Well I never knew this until today:

“Take a11y, for example. You might know what a11y means if you’ve heard of i18n—they’re both alphanumeric acronyms. A11y stands for “accessibility” and i18n for “internationalization”. The letters between the first and last have been replaced by a number representing the number of missing letters.”

Excerpt From Accessibility for Everyone Laura Kalbag

Is anyone aware of a homebrew website club here in South Wales, or if anyone would be interested in one if there was one setup? #indieweb

This year we spent time with Joys family for Christmas. We’ve been battling with Chicken Pox for the last few days. Thankfully Christmas morning saw a little bit of a reprieve for our eldest.

We spent the morning at home opening stockings on our bed, before heading to Cardiff for Christmas lunch.

Ruth could t join us with an upset stomach and my throat felt pretty sore. It’s pretty common for me to come down with something before I finish for the holidays and this year was no exception.

The day was a fairly relaxed affair, Joys mum put together a great spread with plenty to keep us going. We had a short break before pudding, time for the kids to let off some steam on the field, Esra to stretch his legs and E and M a chance to play in the park.

We got back in time to hear the Queens speech whilst E and I sat down to our first instalment of Lego. I really love those moments with her.

We managed some Christmas pudding and profiteroles before clearing up and heading to Joys brothers.

The evening continued with another family tradition of Christmas tree presents, the spoon game and more buffet food to stretch the belly further.

The nephews were a little dismayed to plug in their new Xbox only to have to wait for a 61gb download!

It was a great day, although by the time we got home we were all ready for bed. Christmas is certainly exhausting with two kids, it’s going to be a difficult ball game next year with three.