Sat down with a Hobgoblin IPA and writing a post about this very note iOS shortcut I’m using.

As it’s now December it’s acceptable to play Christmas music. Looking forward to Christmas with the girls this year. 🎄

Checked in to: Pwll-y-wrach nature reserve • 51.987°, -3.222°

Map of checkin

A little wander to some waterfalls with the girls and Esra.

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Last week I was moaning about the fact that 63% of developers surveyed don’t test accessibility. And I was banging on about editing a ‘learn HTML’ book which was riddled with basic accessibility errors, when Frederik replied in order to shut my whining and make me do something about it:

Checked in to: Great little Airbnb • 51.963°, -3.221°

Map of checkin

A last minute getaway with the girls.

Checked in to: Arrived in Abergavenny for a little wander • 51.821°, -3.019°

Map of checkin

Been writing a python script this evening to import my twitter archive into my site. Nearly there just some date manipulation to get sorted.

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It's a tool that brings attention and understanding to how color contrast can affect different people with visual impairments. The Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) covers a wide range of recommendations for making Web content more accessible.

Feeling shattered this morning and didn’t want to get up. Didn’t have the energy to walk the dog either.

Checked in to: Newport Train Station • 51.59°, -2.998°

Map of checkin

Back home to the motherland.

Checked in to: Ludlow train station • 52.371°, -2.716°

Map of checkin

Checked in to: Zengenti Moor Hall • 52.416°, -2.641°

Map of checkin

Time for review and retrospective

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A pain point of the IndieWeb is that it's sometimes not as convenient to share content as it is on the common social media platforms. Posting a new short “note” on my site currently requires me to commit a new markdown file to the repository on Github.

Been a busy day working in Figma, working on lots of different states of form components. Looking good but need to do some research around read-only and disabled state in accessible interfaces.

Managed to get some of our exterior render in the garden painted before work and the rain!

What a night. With the dog wanting to go out and come back in and two girls waking up it’s already starting out a tiring morning! 😴

Added and styled the note section on my site this evening. It still needs more work. I’d like to include a map and photos during check ins.