Opens in new window Rethinking CSS

What about Semantics? “SORRY. I disagree. Nonsemantic classnames that refer to visual styles will always be a bad idea.” “If you use templates, then giving a meaningful name to the file should be enough.

Opens in new window GitHub Primer open-source projects

GitHub is looking for a Production Designer to join the Design Systems team. This role will tackle high-visibility design projects and build a library of design assets for use in presentations. Styles can be mixed and matched to achieve many different layouts, independent of their location.

Opens in new window The Myths of Color Contrast Accessibility

There’s a growing demand for designers to make their interfaces accessible to all users. It’s important to accommodate users with disabilities, but there are many myths to color contrast accessibility being perpetuated by misinformed people.

Opens in new window How to recreate Medium’s article layout with CSS Grid

When people think of CSS Grid they normally envision image grid layouts and full web pages. However, CSS Grid is actually a superb technology for laying out articles as well, as it allows you to do things which previously was tricky to achieve.
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Accessibility testing tools

A collection of accessibility tools collated from a question raised in the Design systems slack community.
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Opens in new window Cool URIs don't change

Cool URIs don't change What makes a cool URI? A cool URI is one which does not change. What sorts of URI change? URIs don't change: people change them. There are no reasons at all in theory for people to change URIs (or stop maintaining documents), but millions of reasons in practice.

Opens in new window Flickity

Link directly to Flickity files on unpkg. If you want to use Flickity to develop commercial sites, themes, projects, and applications, the Commercial license is the appropriate license. With this option, your source code is kept proprietary. Read more about Flickity commercial licensing.

Weeknotes #7

This week and the previous weekend was a departure from a normal week for me. I spent the weekend in Palma, Majorca with the team from Zengenti.
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Opens in new window Designing accessible color systems

Color contrast is an important aspect of accessibility. Good contrast makes it easier for people with visual impairments to use products, and helps in imperfect conditions like low-light environments or older screens.
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Weeknotes #6

S01E06: Spent some time learning some stuff in the terminal. More prototyping and user testing. Accessibility discussions and got on top of the backlog.
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Opens in new window Making radio buttons and checkboxes easier to use

At GDS we’re always looking for ways to make our pages easier for anyone to use. One particular area that comes up in user research is the difficulty people have with clicking on small checkboxes or radio buttons in forms.
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Opens in new window Re-Colorization for Dark Mode

I created a little Dark Mode Colors ? Re-Colorization Playground app that allows people to toy around with different re-colorization options and report their preferences in a survey.

Opens in new window Hello darkness, my old friend

Overhyped or necessity? Learn everything about dark mode and how to support it to the benefit of your users! We have gone full circle with dark mode.
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Weeknotes #5

S01E05: A week that didn't start well. But improved by remote sketching, crazy 8s and a run in the woods.
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