Coffee shops and coffee culture in Newport

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Coffee shops and the rise in coffee culture in the UK is replacing the traditional pub. Once a male dominated venue, coffee shops provide an environment for everyone.

You’ve only got to walk into the variety of coffee shops in Newport and see the diversity of people that spend their time there.

It’s no longer a place for simply socialising and getting a caffeine fix, but also a place to work, grab a light bite or a somewhere to hide away and disconnect from the world in a book. For me the hustle and bustle of the environment provides the white noise to concentrate.

But there is another side to coffee, some of us hate the idea of a ‘Extra large, double shot skinny latte, with caramel syrup’ it ruins the real essence of coffee and all that goes to get that bean from farm, to the washing process to the roaster and draw out those subtleties into the cup.

But there is still niche market for the focus on real quality coffee in Newport and I hope someone takes the helm. In the meantime we have a city rebuilding and rebranding itself, we need to support these independent businesses.

Coffee is a commodity, and the rise of coffee shops fills that need and desire to be part of something.


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