Weeknotes #7

This week and the previous weekend was a departure from a normal week for me. I spent the weekend in Palma, Majorca with the team from Zengenti.
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Weeknotes #6

S01E06: Spent some time learning some stuff in the terminal. More prototyping and user testing. Accessibility discussions and got on top of the backlog.
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Weeknotes #5

S01E05: A week that didn't start well. But improved by remote sketching, crazy 8s and a run in the woods.
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Weeknotes #4

S01E04: 23-27 September: A look back over my last week including design principles, and our first design sprint.
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Weeknotes #3

S01E03: A mixture of design thinking, writing and time with the family.
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Weeknotes #2

S01E02: A week of education, discussions and design.
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Weeknotes #1

S01E01: I recently came across #weeknotes as a way of reflecting and looking back over your week. It's an opportunity to write down, summarise, jot notes of what your week looked like, what went well, and maybe not so well. A mini retrospective and journal in one you may say. So here goes my first weeknote.