Weeknotes #1

S01E01: I recently came across #weeknotes as a way of reflecting and looking back over your week. It's an opportunity to write down, summarise, jot notes of what your week looked like, what went well, and maybe not so well. A mini retrospective and journal in one you may say. So here goes my first weeknote.

Opens in new windowCreating connected content with inline entries

If we are to design and create content that is stored, structured, and connected outside any user interface, in a way that’s readable and understandable by both people and computers, we need tools to support that process.

Article originally written for Medium, Zengenti

Track the DOM element with tab focus using the console

When trying to improve keyboard behaviour in your application you'll need to understand the tab order of of your UI. Sometimes its not possible to see the active element due to a lack of styling. This post shows how the Dev Tools console can help.
Tagged with: til, DevTools, JavaScript, Accessibility, and a11y

Opens in new windowIntroducing the Contensis open roadmap

I've previously written about the steps we've taken to show you what's new in Contensis by explaining how we built the what's new feature on ZenHub using content types and entries. This post aims to show you how we want to be transparent with what we've got planned now, and for the future, by announcing our open public roadmap using Trello.

Article originally written for Zengenti

Opens in new windowContensis 11 is now available

This release introduces roles and permissions along with entry workflow – giving you complete control over the publishing process within your organisation.

Article originally written for Zengenti