Weeknotes #8

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Weeknotes #8

As I expected I fell off the bandwagon of writing my weeknotes. I’m thinking I need to take a simpler approach similar to Mark Boulton and bullet point the key takeaways from the week.

  • It was my first week back at Zengenti, not including those first few days of the new year. I was looking forward to getting my head into a familiar routine.
  • Had a great week at Bluestone last week ending on the beach in Tenby. Really enjoyed switching off.
  • Spent a fair amount of time discussing process between the design and UI development team, as we focus on a new design system for Contensis.
  • Accessibility of our forms module came up in conversation and how we plan to address a few rendering scenarios. It’s stood the test of time well. We’ve got some options for the future.
  • Spent some time using Voice Over and getting more familiar with it.
  • Dug into Storybook for documenting our components and how we could bring richer documentation together covering design, accessibility, behaviour and code.
  • Had various conversations about UI behaviour in a bunch of scenarios. I want to be careful this year on balancing genuine bugs against edge case scenarios.
  • Wrote a blog post on our recent search changes to go out with the next release.
  • Continued to watch what I eat this week, it’s been good to see the progress but I also know how easy it is to get back into bad habits, a biscuit here, and a biscuit there.
  • Been enjoying longer walks with Esra, nearly hitting the 10,000 step mark before I start work which has given me time to listen to BiOY, the Fish and Scripts podcast as well as some episodes of JAMstack Radio.
  • Managed to get another run in this week, its hard getting back into something that I used to have no problem doing.
  • Celebrated Heaths 40th, with a group of friends from church over breakfast.
  • Rotated the log store, the front cord has taken a beating from the weather, so managed to re stack, split a few larger pieces and got things tidied up. I love splitting stacking and sorting wood. Something about being outside, listening to the maul hitting a block and stacking the cords like Tetris.
  • Changed an inner tube of E’s balance bike. Its funny how the smell of the rubber brings back memories from when I was in my early teens, thats the last time I’d changed one.


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