Weeknotes #10

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  • Started the week getting a temporary MacBook up and running, having had to send mine into Apple to have the battery replaced. Whilst I have a laptop script to ease some of the pain, its amazing how many little tweaks you make to your OS experience to suit your needs.
  • The design and UI team gathered to discuss the current redesign process. Allowing us to think through how we implement the new design whilst still shipping new features in parallel. It feels like we came to some agreement.
  • Took some time to read up on design tokens, Jon has been working through various use cases of design tokens in our marketing site and the product. Helpfully Jon had documented his journey, which highlighted the key blogs to read and summarised the takeaways.
  • I spent more time documenting our design system, trying to converge code examples, behaviour, acceptance criteria and accessibility checklists. It’s a work in progress.
  • Spent another night in the woods wild camping with Fitch. We made ourselves a set of bushcraft chairs, processed a load of firewood and enjoyed a lamb Madras cooked over the open fire. It was a cold and windy night, so not our best night away. But we had good fun.


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