Built an iOS shortcut last night to post photos to my Jekyll blog using the GitHub API. A post on what it does with a link to the shortcut here.

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Opens in new window The Web Project Guide

Building and managing a web project is a big, complex process — one that branches far beyond the phases directly in front of us. On one hand, there’s the multi-disciplinary nuts and bolts work of creating the site itself.

Opens in new window 150 years of Nature

Take a journey through a 3D network of our papers. Across 7 essays, leading historians explore how the past century and a half has forged some of the defining features of today’s scientific system.

Opens in new window Creating a full bleed CSS utility

Sometimes you want to break your components out of the constraints that they find themselves in. A common situation where this occurs is when you don’t have much control of the container that it exists in, such as a CMS main content area.

Opens in new window Geocoding Data

A key step in the data visualization process is the conversion of data to the right format. When working with geospatial related information in particular, data needs to be in geoJSON to be accurately superimposed onto a map.

Another post on the blog, tab focus in Firefox has driven me nuts since switching I finally got to the bottom of it. #a11y #NaBloPoMo2019 #accessibility

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The lack of default Tab focus in Firefox and Safari

I’ve been using Firefox for around six months now but I’ve never looked into why the browser doesn't get Tab Focus in Mac OS. Turns out its honouring the OS behaviour.
Tagged with: UX, Accessibility, and A11y

Opens in new window A Useful Guide to Content Types, Part 2

When we first started building websites, they were “static,” meaning each page was coded individually and published by putting files on a server. Today, we have content management systems (CMS) that allow us to turn every piece of content into data, with technical content types.

Opens in new window A love letter to my website

This is a declaration of love for personal websites, written from years of thinking on the subject, reviewing thousands of portfolios, building websites for friends and bookmarking those of strangers. It’s a subject I’m so passionate about, I built my business on it.

A quick article I put together over the weekend with a few tips for creating crisp screenshots for presentations: #NaBloPoMo2019

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Opens in new window Design Sprint WORKSHOP - (Lightning Decision Jam AJ&Smart)

Looking for a short workshop that shows the power of Design Sprints or Design Thinking? Use Lightning Decision Jam! It's a problem solving exercise for up to 100 participants! Lightning Decision Jam - 1 HOUR WORKSHOP - Design Sprint & Design ThinkingSpotify Playlist:

Opens in new window Stack Overflow

I joined Stack Overflow in the spring of 2017 as a product designer on their then in-beta product, Documentation. After that, I worked on various Q&A efforts. After that, I’d create and maintain their design system, Stacks.